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Let Gourmate feed you the best of nyc

Taste new York city with a local.

Experience New York City's food paradise at some of the best and most authentic restaurants, markets, and neighborhood classics on this private walking food tour of New York's delicious culinary scene.


With over 23,000 restaurants in NYC, finding a quality bite can feel overwhelming. Gourmate has you covered, as all tour stops have been personally selected and properly tasted, meaning you're in good hands.

Tours last approximately 3 hours, and are hosted by New York native and tour guide extraordinaire Alex Aguirre, a certified New York City tour guide, recommended by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs

Tours are conducted in either English or Japanese for your convenience.


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Learn all the details you might need to know before you book including: tour length, stop highlights, cancelation policy, and more.


“This was the perfect way to see (and taste) NYC. My friends and I would definitely come again!”

Katy F.


Want to know what to bring? Or how much you'll eat? Or concerned about dietary restrictions or allergies? No matter your questions, Gourmate has you covered.

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Alex Aguirre

Alex is a native New Yorker born and raised in the Upper East Side. With more than 15 years of experience in Japanese, he began studying the language in high school and continued his studies at The Ohio State University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese.

After graduating, Alex began teaching elementary and junior high school in Saikai City, located in Southern Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture. During his time working in Japan, he traveled throughout Asia, experiencing foreign cuisine and gaining an appreciation for what the world has to offer.

Following his 2 years in Japan, Alex moved to Melbourne, Australia and received his Master of Tourism from Monash University. Discovering the emerging gastronomy culture in Melbourne fueled his knowledge of food wonders around the globe.

Through Gourmate tours, Alex aims to share his childhood memories of local restaurants and markets that shaped how he views food today. Join him on his journey to feed hungry individuals with the cuisine he grew up on!

Alex is a certified New York City tour guide, recommended by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs

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